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Orthodontic treatment marks a transformative journey, aligning teeth for a beautiful and confident smile. However, the preservation of this newfound alignment is equally crucial. This extensive guide explores the intricate world of orthodontic retainers, focusing on three distinguished options: Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus. Whether you’re an orthodontist seeking the finest retainer options or a patient searching for reliable choices, this comprehensive guide is your gateway to understanding retainer sheet materials, teeth retainers, and the timeless designs. 

Understanding Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus: 

Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus are advanced orthodontic retainers meticulously crafted from top-quality plastic materials and are devoid of natural rubber latex and BPA. These retainers play a pivotal role post orthodontic treatment, maintaining the results achieved through braces or aligners. They are easy to construct and do not increase the armamentarium of your impression kit. 

Essix C+: 

Essix C+ plastic retainers are engineered to provide optimal retention post-orthodontic treatment. Constructed from durable plastic material, Essix C+ combines comfort with effectiveness. Critical features of Essix C+ include: 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Virtually invisible, Essix C+ retainers are preferred for patients seeking a discreet option without visible wires.
  2. Material Quality: Constructed from high-quality plastic with protective films on both sides, Essix C+ ensures durability and longevity.
  3. Compatibility: These retainers readily accept acrylics and bonding agents, ensuring a secure and long-lasting fit tailored to individual patient needs. 

Essix Ace:  

Essix Ace plastic retainers present another excellent option for post-orthodontic treatment. Offering numerous benefits, they have become a popular choice among patients: 

  • Effective Retention: Essix Ace retainers provide reliable retention, ensuring teeth maintain their newly achieved alignment. 
  • Comfort: Crafted from comfortable plastic material, Essix Ace retainers are ideal for everyday wear, ensuring patient compliance. 
  • Variety: Essix Ace comes in various thicknesses and shapes, catering to individual patient requirements for a personalized orthodontic experience. 

Essix Plus: 

Highly regarded for their quality and functionality, Essix Plus plastic retainers are a top choice for retention after orthodontic treatment. The reasons include: 

  • Precision Fit: Essix Plus retainers are custom-made to perfectly match a patient’s teeth, ensuring maximum effectiveness. 
  • Durability: Crafted from high-grade plastic, Essix Plus retainers are long-lasting and can endure daily use, providing extended retention benefits. 
  • Versatility: These retainers, including temporary anterior bridges, can serve various purposes, showcasing their adaptability in diverse orthodontic scenarios. 

Why Retainers are Essential After Orthodontic Treatment:  

Retention post-orthodontic treatment is crucial for preserving a newly aligned smile. Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus, like other retainers, play a critical role in this process by: 

  • Stabilizing Teeth: After braces or aligners, teeth naturally revert to their original positions. Retainers prevent this by stabilizing teeth in their new alignment. 
  • Protecting Your Investment: Orthodontic treatment is a significantly investsment in oral health and appearance. Retainers ensure this investment pays off by preserving the results and preventing relapse. 
  • Aesthetics: Essix retainers are aesthetically pleasing, making them an attractive choice for patients concerned about the appearance of their retainers. 
  • Comfort: Essix retainers are made from materials prioritizing comfort, ensuring patients can wear them without discomfort and maintain compliance. 

Where to Get Essix Retainers: 

Acquiring Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus retainers is possible through various dental suppliers. Some recommended sources include: 

  • Dentsply Sirona: A trusted provider of Essix retainers. 
  • Sporting Smiles: Offers Essix Plus retainers and custom-made dental retainers. 
  • G&H Orthodontics: A reputable supplier of orthodontic products, including Essix retainers. 
  • Dental Product Shopper: Provides Essix Plus plastic retainers and other orthodontic products. 
  • Main Ortho: Offers Essix C+ and Essix Plus plastics for orthodontic use. 

Comparison Table: 

To aid in informed decision-making, here’s a detailed comparison table for Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus: 

Aspect  Essix C+  Essix Ace  Essix Plus 
Material  Clear, BPA-free plastic  Crystal clear, BPA free plastic  High-quality polypropylene 
Thickness  Thicker for added strength  Moderate thickness  Thinner for comfort 
Durability  High  Moderate  Good 
Clarity  Excellent clarity  Crystal clear  Clear and transparent 
Stain Resistance  Resistant to staining 
unaffected by stain
proof against staining 
Ease of Trimming  Easily trimmed  Effortlessly trimmed 
Comfortably trimmed 
Retention  Strong  Good  Moderate 
Comfort  Safe to wear  Comfortable to wear  Secure to wear 
Ideal Use  Long-term retention  General retention  Short-term or nighttime use 
Cleaning and Maintenance  Simple to clean  Easy to clean   Trouble Free cleaning
Price  Moderate  Moderate  Affordable 
Availability  Widely available  Available  Widely available 

FAQS- Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What sets Essix Aligner Sheets apart from other transparent aligner materials? 

A2: Essix Aligner Sheets are known for their clarity, durability, and flexibility. The precise, BPA-free plastic material ensures patient comfort and allows for effective teeth movement while virtually invisible during wear. 

Q2: How do I determine the appropriate thickness of Essix Aligner Sheets for a patient’s treatment? 

A3: The thickness of Essix Aligner Sheets depends on the specific orthodontic case. Thicker sheets may be used for more complex cases requiring additional force, while thinner sheets are suitable for more straightforward cases. Clinical judgment and case complexity guide the selection. 

Q3: Can Essix Aligner Sheets be used for comprehensive orthodontic cases, or are they more suitable for minor corrections? 

A4: Essix Aligner Sheets are versatile and can be used for various orthodontic cases, including mild to moderate malocclusions. They are suitable for some comprehensive cases as well, and patient selection is crucial for successful outcomes.  

Q4: What is the recommended protocol for taking impressions and creating models for Essix Aligners? 

A5: Accurate impressions are paramount. Use a high-quality impression material to capture detailed tooth anatomy. Fabricate models promptly, ensuring they accurately represent the patient’s dentition for precise Essix Aligner Sheet fabrication. 


In conclusion, Essix C+, Essix Ace, and Essix Plus plastic retainers offer exceptional options for maintaining the results of orthodontic treatment. Whether prioritizing aesthetics, comfort, or durability, these retainers have you covered. For more information, including frequently asked questions, please contact your dental supplier to ensure you choose thea suitable retainer for your unique needs. 

Investing in the strength and beauty of Essix C+, Essix Ace, or Essix Plus retainers. The providers can be contacted free of charge to know about the benefits such as the possibility of free 3-way shipping, to know whether they are available in USA only.  

 Nuanced features of each retainer material should be carefully examined before making any decision. It should be tailored to the specific needs of the patients. The commitment to post-treatment care is as important as the journey itself, ensuring the investment in a radiant smile remains a source of confidence and joy for years. 


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