Forestadent Pioneering Excellence in Orthodontic Materials

Do you need top-notch retainer sheets, aligner sheets, or versatile TRACK® thermoforming foils for your orthodontic practice? Look no further! This guide will take you on an interesting journey into the world of these dental materials while highlighting the impressive legacy of Forestadent, a leading name in the field. 

Your choices in orthodontic materials can significantly impact your patients’ journey toward a brighter, healthier smile. We understand the importance of providing the latest dental technology and the reassurance of a respected legacy. This guide will introduce you to Forestadent’s cutting-edge products and their century-long commitment to innovation and perfection, making them stand out in the orthodontics industry. 

The Significance of Aligner and Retainer Sheets:   

In the field of orthodontics, aligner sheets and retainer sheets are essential. The Aligner system is necessary to successfully move teeth and maintain the results of orthodontic treatment. Let us examine their importance:  

Aligner Sheets: Snugly fitting over a patient’s teeth, these clear trays softly move them into the correct position while providing outstanding treatment outcomes. They offer a more understated route to a straighter smile by providing a comfortable and discreet substitute for fixed treatments like braces.  

Retainer Sheets: Retainer sheets are essential for keeping teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. They keep teeth from moving back to their natural positions. They are often prescribed to patients after orthodontic treatment, assuring the long-term success of orthodontic treatment.  

Why Forestadent Stands Out:    

 Forestadent is a top leader in aligner and retainer sheets, versatile TRACK® thermoforming foils, and dental materials. With an impressive 111 years of experience in precise manufacturing, Forestadent is a pioneer in dental innovation. They’re committed to delivering high-quality products, helping clinicians build trust with patients worldwide, and enhancing their practice’s reputation.  

The Time-Tested Legacy of Forestadent:    

Forestadent has been known for top-notch quality, precision, and innovation for over a hundred years. Forestadent’s unique mix of 111 years of crafting jewellery and watch movements combined with the latest dental technology makes it stand out. This unique combination allows Forestadent to offer dental materials that meet the highest quality standards. Their long-lasting legacy is proof of their strong commitment to advancing orthodontics.   

Unveiling TRACK® Thermoforming Foils: Tailored Excellence:     

Aside from aligner and retainer sheets, Forestadent provides versatile TRACK® thermoforming foils. These foils have many uses in orthodontics, such as correcting misalignments, stabilizing treatments, or creating bite trays. Whether you need them for different orthodontic purposes, TRACK® thermoforming foils are well-suited for your needs. They’re a valuable addition to any practice that offers aligner treatment. 

  • TRACK® A and TRACK® B: These foils make the thermoforming process easy. They have a layer that insulates, so you don’t need to manually add insulation or liner foil. They stick well to acrylic plastic (Forestacryl) without extra glue, saving time and resources in your practice. This makes orthodontic procedures not just practical but also efficient. 
  • TRACK® E Foils: These are made from a great mix of materials. They ensure stable bonding for devices like positioners, snoring appliances, and mouthguards. They are reliable, making orthodontic appliances more comfortable and ensuring patients are happy with better results.  


In aligner and retainer sheets, the special TRACK® foils from Forestadent stand out as far superior. Forestadent has been making excellent stuff for a hundred years, and dentists everywhere like it. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, Forestadent helps you make smiles perfect. Just remember, to get a great smile, you need suitable materials. Forestadent has the right stuff that’s really good and trustworthy. 

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